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constructive drawing.     / art / constructive 2D

It is impossible to list my whole stock of constructive drawings separately.
Therefore, please browse in my book NAUTILUS.UNIVERSE.
(please click title page of my book below!)

Each group of drawings associated with a special project should not be torn apart, because the chronological context of project development
would no longer be understandable.
I offer exclusive project collections for sale to public or private collectors and I would hope that they could be preserved to the public.
If you are interested please contact me via the link to NAUTILUS form below.

In case of buying interest in selected single sheets, I offer a free artistic replication/approach to the desired drawing which captures
the spirit of your favorite artwork. (basic drawings from 400.00 EUR / price according to artistic complexity negotiable)
In addition, I offer drawings as exclusive wall objects in the high quality Diasec© method.
(permanent sealing of high-resolution prints with acrylic glass including UV protection, see Diasec©,
prices for guidance see Diasec offers below)
Please tell me the desired drawing with book page and project name via the NAUTILUS form.

The purchase of an artwork will help me to continue the realization of my projects.
If you wish, I'll send you the work as a wrapped gift with a personal handwritten dedication.*
Thomas Nicolai / AAA.

buying interest in artworks from the book
link to NAUTILUS form

link to bookshop

single available constructive drawings
and drawings as Diasec wall objects:

detail selection (series) respectively for high-resolution view please click images!



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* handwritten dedication:
- for comprehensive drawings or paintings usually on the back side
- for print graphics and smaller works on the front surface, if there is enough space
- for small sculptures and objects as an attached card
- dedications in stone on request
example: "For Maestro Ludovico to the Opera Anniversary in May 2015