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3D visualization + object photography.     / art / constructive 2D

Similar to the constructive drawings, it is beyond the scope, to show all existing 3D visualizations or photographs.
In my book NAUTILUS.UNIVERSE you can find a large number of works in this artistic genre.
(please click title page of my book below!)

Please become inspired and let me know which artwork you like!
My digital high-resolution 3D visualization and photography are suitable for printing or lighting on photo paper in any size you prefer.
If you are interested please contact me via the link to NAUTILUS form below.

I recommend for larger sizes the Diasec© method for permanent, high-quality sealing of works with acrylic glass including UV protection.
(see Diasec©,
prices for guidance see Diasec offers below)
Smaller formats I offer as high-resolution print on special paper. So you can present it like usual works on paper in a frame.
(3D visualization printed on A4 from 350,00 EUR / price according to size and technological complexity negotiable)

The purchase of an artwork will help me to continue the realization of my projects.
If you wish, I'll send you the work as a wrapped gift with a personal handwritten dedication.*
Thomas Nicolai / AAA.

buying interest in artworks from the book
link to NAUTILUS form

link to bookshop

Specific examples 3D visualizations and photography

detail selection (series) respectively for high-resolution view please click images!



•    . . .  not completed, please watch German page.




* handwritten dedication:
- for comprehensive drawings or paintings usually on the back side
- for print graphics and smaller works on the front surface, if there is enough space
- for small sculptures and objects as an attached card
- dedications in stone on request
example: "For Maestro Ludovico to the Opera Anniversary in May 2015